Astrology of Neptune & Your Relationships

Astrology of Neptune & Your Relationships
May 2023

The planet of fantasy, imagination, illusion, compassion, intuition, spirituality, and empathy in astrology is the planet Neptune.

This energy is brought to your relationships when it's impacting your relationship areas. [photo2]

How Natal Neptune Impacts Your Relationships

For some, Neptune can have a strong influence on your relationships via your natal chart. This can be the case if you have:
- Neptune in the 5th house (ruling love) or 7th house (ruling relationships)
- Pisces 5th house or 7th house/Descendant (so Neptune rules the 5th or 7th house) or 5th or 7th house ruler
- Neptune conjunct (aligned with) natal Venus (planetary ruler of relationships) or the 5th or 7th house ruler
- Neptune conjunct the 1st house cusp/Ascendant (the 1st house cusp/Ascendant is on an axis with the 7th house cusp/Descendant so Neptune would be directly opposing)
When natal Neptune has a strong influence on your relationships in your natal chart, you can be someone who experiences major Neptune energy in your relationships. With the 5th house, love can be something you dream about, spend a lot of time imagining, and you may be idealistic about love, or super romantic in your view of it (even if not traditionally).
Love can be something you cherish, yet it also may be elusive for you. You may feel like you fall in love a million times, yet none are the real deal that sticks; or you feel you never fall in love, and are too afraid, or too caught up in what you imagine that you find the reality to be disappointing.
For you, love needs to transcend, and you crave a love that feels deeply spiritual. You likely have strong spiritual and karmic ties with the people you love (in all ways). This can come with a lot of baggage, and you may feel like there are lots of lessons for you when it comes to love.
You may be super compassionate in love, and can do anything and everything for others. You can be quite sacrificing, which can be noble, but ultimately leads to self-destruction without healthy boundaries. You may do too much for those you love, and need to learn to love yourself.
You may fall in love with Neptune-like people, so people who are quite spiritual, who are super artists and creatives, who are philanthropic, or who are outright Pisces.
When natal Neptune is influencing the 7th house, this can be in all relationships, though especially committed relationships and partnerships. You can attract a lot of Neptune-like people, so people who are spiritual, creative, compassionate, but also sometimes wounded birds you want to save (but likely can't).
Commitment may be difficult for you as you're kind of hard to pin down, not because you're anti-commitment necessarily, but because you're always wandering looking for someone to help. You can be easily manipulated and deceived, and need to protect yourself with better boundaries.
When you ground yourself, have good boundaries, and learn self-love, commitment can come easily with someone you feel a strong spiritual connection with. [photo3]

How Transit Neptune Impacts Your Relationships

Transit (moving) Neptune can also bring strong Neptune energy to your relationships, but this is temporary (whereas with natal Neptune, it's your entire life). With transit Neptune, it's only going to be for the period of time the transit is in effect.
Transit Neptune can influence your relationships when it's:
- in your natal 5th or 7th house
- aspecting your natal 5th or 7th house cusp/Descendant, natal 5th or 7th house ruler, or natal Venus
Transit Neptune touring your natal 5th house can bring spiritual energy to love for you. You may attract many loves you have spiritual, karmic ties with, and any karmic, spiritual, or subconscious love baggage needs to be let go of. Existing love relationships may fade away if they're not serving you well.
Transit Neptune touring your natal 7th house can bring spiritual energy to all of your relationships and partnerships. You can attract many people to you that you have a spiritual, karmic connection with, and any karmic, spiritual, or subconscious commitment issues need to be worked on. Some people may fade from your life if the connections aren't solid. You may also find that people project more often on you.
When it comes to transit Neptune aspects, these last for several months over a couple of years. Beneficial aspects (sextiles and trines) can help you strengthen spiritual connections in love and relationships in healthy ways.
Challenging aspects (conjunctions, squares, and oppositions) can make some people fade away from your life, and you may not realize it right away until suddenly you look around and realize they're gone and have been for a while. This is mostly for challenging relationships that aren't serving you well. If you don't have healthy boundaries, you may be fooled by someone, taken advantage of, and can be vulnerable to bad people, so working on your boundaries is important.

Will Neptune in Pisces Impact My Relationships?

Neptune has been in Pisces for some time now, so many have already been affected by this transit when it comes to your relationships, and many have yet to experience it. This can include you if you have:
- natal 5th or 7th house/Descendant in Pisces (Neptune will transit)
- natal 5th or 7th house ruler or natal Venus in Pisces (Neptune will conjunct)
- natal 5th or 7th house cusp/Descendant, natal 5th or 7th house ruler or natal Venus in Gemini, Virgo, or Sagittarius (Neptune will square or oppose)
These are the challenging positions for Neptune in Pisces, and you likely need to work on boundaries (that again!), otherwise others may try to take advantage of you. Spiritual, karmic, and subconscious baggage can get in the way of your connections, but you may not realize that's the source of the problem consciously.
If any of these positions are instead in Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, or Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces will make beneficial aspects, and you can connect well with others, improve spiritual connections, and use compassion and empathy in a positive way.
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