Astrology of Uranus & Your Professional Life

Astrology of Uranus & Your Professional Life
May 2023

In astrology, Uranus is the planet of change. It's a planet that has unconventional, sudden, and independent energy, and when impa

cting your professional life, that energy can be brought into the work you do. [photo2]

How Natal Uranus Impacts Your Professional Life

For some, Uranus can have a strong influence on your professional life via your natal chart. This can be the case if you have:
- Uranus in the 2nd house (ruling money), 6th house (ruling work), or 10th house (ruling career)
- Aquarius 2nd house, 6th house, or 10th house/Midheaven (which would make Uranus the ruler) or an Aquarius 2nd, 6th, or 10th house ruler
- Uranus conjunct (aligned with) the 2nd, 6th, or 10th house ruler, Ceres (planetary ruler of money), or Saturn (planetary ruler of career)
- Uranus conjunct the 4th house cusp/Imum Coeli (the 4th house cusp/Imum Coeli is on an axis with the 10th house cusp/Midheaven so Uranus would be directly opposing)
When natal Uranus has a strong influence on your professional life in the natal chart, this brings unconventional energy for you professionally. When it's with the 10th house, this rules your overall career, and you're likely someone who has unconventional goals, or who approaches your career in an unconventional way. You can still accomplish a lot in your life, but this may be done following a path that is your own and not typical.
You may experience success in spurts, and can make sudden gains quickly, and then have prolonged periods of stagnation or very slow progress. This can be frustrating, but if you can adjust to it and work with it, can work for you.
You may have a career that is Uranus-ruled, so something in science or technology,, online, that impacts the masses in some way, that focuses on a cause, or that allows you to work with a group.
When it's the 6th house, this rules your work environment and the jobs you have, so you likely need a work environment that is unconventional in some way, You likely need lots of independence and don't care much for bosses and superiors, though you may get along well with coworkers, and can work well in a group. You may gravitate to Uranus-ruled jobs as well.
When it's the 2nd house, this rules your money, so your approach to money can be unconventional. You may not be the typical saver and spender. Money may come to you in spurts, so this can be typical in jobs where you work on commission, or many jobs where you work for yourself. You can make money in ways ruled by Uranus.

How Transit Uranus Impacts Your Professional Life

Transit (moving) Uranus can also bring strong Uranus energy to your professional life, but this is temporary (whereas with natal Uranus, it's your entire life). With transit Uranus, it's only going to be for the period of time the transit is in effect.
Transit Uranus can influence your professional life when it's:
- in your natal 2nd, 6th, or 10th houses
- aspecting your natal 2nd, 6th, or 10th house rulers, your Midheaven, your natal Ceres, or your natal Saturn
Transit Uranus touring your natal 2nd house can bring sudden, unexpected changes and developments financially, and this can mean both sudden windfalls and sudden downturns. It's important to have rainy day funds and to save well so you're covered when the downturns happen, otherwise it can be difficult to get through. The windfalls can be super high, and they may come out of nowhere at times. Maximizing those can be crucial.
You might decide to make change with how you make, save, invest, or spend money, and this can come unexpectedly, and you may do so unconventionally. You might suddenly start making money in a Uranus way, through tech, online, or in big investments.
Transit Uranus in your natal 6th house can impact your work life, and you can experience sudden changes in your work life and job. You may decide you've had enough and walk out, but this is usually only if you already don't like what you're doing. You may look for new jobs on a whim, and job opportunities may come to you out of nowhere.
You may have a greater impact with your job on more people, and you may feel you either need to be more independent and work on your own, or you prefer to work with a group.
Transit Uranus in your natal 10th house can impact your career and goals, and you can experience sudden changes with your goals and direction. You may dedicate yourself to entirely new goals, and embark on a whole new path. This is more if you don't have any goals to start with, or aren't invested in the ones you're already pursuing.
If you love your goals, you may suddenly make progress, and success can come in spurts. You may find yourself suddenly at the top, getting recognition, having more responsibilities, and this can be a fame transit.
When it comes to transit Uranus aspects, these last for several months. Beneficial aspects (sextiles and trines) can help you make beneficial changes, financially with the 2nd house, with your work with the 6th house, and with career goals with the 10th house. Progress can come quickly and unconventionally.
Challenging aspects (conjunctions, squares, and oppositions) can bring unexpected difficulties, and developments may come out of the blue that you want to resist, but need to be more flexible with. There can be sudden setbacks and delays, but don't let them hold you back fully. Try to find a different approach, as changing your approach and perspective can be the way out.

Will Uranus in Taurus Impact My Professional Life?

Uranus is about halfway through Taurus by now, so it's already affected some with this transit when it comes to your professional life, though there are still many to come. This can include you if you have:
- natal 2nd house, 6th house, or 10th house/Midheaven in Taurus (Uranus will transit)
- natal 2nd, 6th, or 10th house ruler or natal Ceres or Saturn in Taurus (Uranus will conjunct)
- natal 2nd, 6th, or 10th house cusp/Midheaven, natal 2nd, 6th, or 10th house ruler or natal Ceres or Saturn in Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius (Uranus will square or oppose)
These are the challenging positions for Uranus in Taurus, and these can bring sudden challenges and unexpected blocks. You have to be more flexible, which can be difficult currently since this is fixed energy, but it's important to do that. Work on making some control over the changes by implementing your own small changes a little at a time, and this can help.
If any of these positions are instead in Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, or Pisces, Uranus in Taurus will make beneficial aspects, and this can be a great time for professional changes, sudden progress and success, and unexpected payoffs that set you up for a long time.
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