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Specialties: I work with your Guides in the Akashic Records to bring you insights and soul level truths. The information you learn from an Akashic Record Reading can be on any topic from life purpose, career, health, relationships, to finances. And since the Akashic Records are the energetic record of your soul- you can learn about past lives, answer questions about the present, & even explore future possibilities. I am an Advanced Certified Akashic Record Healer & Practioner and Reiki Master Teacher. My goal is to help you raise your vibration & bringing you more in alignment with the level of awareness your soul has intended. I aim to make your healing and reading process as easy, relaxed and comfortable as possible. Feel free to text anytime (even outside of the listed hours) to set up an appointment that best fits your availability. Appointments can take place over the phone or online. If you would like a better ideal of the process and experience, please read the hidden reviews. I look forward to connecting! Established in 2014. Instead of taking an advil for cramps, my mother insisted I drink some type of muck made up of dandilions and tree bark. She taught me how to read tarot in 8th grade; first from a regular playing deck of cards (google it- it's a real thing) and then my own deck about a year later. So, in essance, the seeds of this business were planted long ago. But then, I wanted to be "normal", and I turned away from my intuitive abilities and spiritual gifts; instead, I obtained a double Masters in Cognitive and Social Psychology, completed four years of a PhD, and moved into the corporate/ consulting worlds. However, after doing all the "right things," I looked around and realized that my life didn't feel like my own. Having been through the journey myself, my goal is to help support and assist you in becoming more in aligment with the level of awareness your soul has intended.


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