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Specialties: Google ' Twin Featherz ' to see all relevant links to testimonials and Reviews. Contact Donna on WhatsApp: +61466949885 Donna has Whatsapp Video Call Options from the website if you prefer a more personal one on one connection with Donna. Simply go to my website and book your preferred day and time from there. it will take you through the payment process and your date and time for your session with me will be set. Website: Psychic Twin Featherz Available worldwide, offering Spirit Healing, Psychic Readings, Psychic Wisdom, for you in person, via WhatsApp Video Call, Phone, and Email. Established in 1980. Psychic Twin Featherz ~ Donna's, natural abilities are Clairvoyance, to see clearly of auras, spirits, energy, future direction, path etc.  clairaudience - inner hearing referring to the ability to hear sounds, communication from guides and vibrations not audible to the normal human ear.  Clairsentience - which is clear feeling  and sensing (physical, emotional) or clear 'knowing'.  Clairsentience is commonly described as intuition or gut feeling at a heightened level. Please be specific with your detailed questions for then I will receive a clearer picture into the answers that you seek... be honest, frank and do not be afraid to reveal your fears. It is important that I understand your question(s) and its meaning so that I can focus on what you need answering, so please ensure your question is clear, specific and unambiguous, and is not a question within a question. There is not time to decipher vague or incoherent questions, as I want to focus on the information you need answering.


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