Raphael The Worlds Medium


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Specialties: As seen on TV - Intuitive tarot readings by phone - Gift of mediumship : feels what the deceased feel, medium session by phone - Finds lost objects by pendulum dowsing - Remote energy clearings for real estate - (proven successful when a house that had remained too long on the market sells right after Raphael's clearing) Established in 2007. Raphaël grew up in France, hiding a secret: he could feel the future and communicate with people from the afterlife. He pursued a career hosting TV shows and events while deejaying. After London, Paris, Milan, and Ibiza, Hollywood opened its doors for him but his bungalow had an invisible roommate: a ghost in distress who lead him to complete burnout. Michelle the local psychic advised him to use his gift immediately and to reveal his secret to the world. Raphaël then became: "Raphael The Worlds Medium" A gypset, providing prime readings by phones for existing clients in the US and on a global scale, while traveling all around the world, bringing healing: in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, Dubai, St Barts, Vienna, London, Knightsbridge, Geneva, Toronto, Prague, Budapest, Barcelona.


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