Tarot Reader By Madelaine Parker


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Specialties: A psychic intuitive Astrologist and Tarot card reader with over 15 years of experience. I work with tarot and astrology to help people align with their highest best self and destiny. If you are feeling lost, or in pain, feeling out of alignment, anxious, depressed or just generally freaked out, I can help. Through the healing power of Tarot, and with the side of astrology I believe, I can answer any question to your satisfaction and restore you to a balance state around any issue. Above all I restore your faith in the positive force of the universe playing out in your life. I am safe to bring your darkness to as the cards and I will help shift you to a higher frequency of light. I believe the cards and I can raise anyone’s vibration over anything. I consider myself a precise and accurate reader as I have tested my grid and technique out thoroughly. How will you know if my reads are accurate or true? They will either resonate with you or not. In other words you will know. Tarot card reading is intended to help us know our deeper truth more clearly. In my reads I guide you, with the help of the cards to align your actions or thoughts with your deeper highest knowing of what is best for you. The cards help us break through mental perceptions that block us so we can live our highest best destiny and best versions of ourselves. I do reads on FaceTime/Skype or in person in my office Silver Lake CA also ask about spiritual workshops Established in 2007. 15 years of experience witnessing the accuracy and relief that tarot card reading bring inspired me to step out in service as a tarot card reader. In these times of spiritual bankruptcy I have found there to be a deep thirst for the higher often liberating knowledge tarot/astrology brings. I have witnessed most if not all my reads come true. Years ago I tested my reads and technique out through by doing ten reads a day on my self and I found out exactly how the cards are talking to me. Through out the many years of practicing tarot I have only grown and developed more confidence and trust in my skills as a reader and I take this job seriously. I believe I have a lot of responsibility to be trusted in handling people’s sensitive spiritual souls growth. I know what tarot card reading is really for, to help us back on our two balanced feet heading the right way, our highest best right way. I’ve notice those that come regularly for reads do very well all around and seem quite content.


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