The Astrologer's Daughter


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Specialties: I practice a branch of Western Astrology called Evolutionary Astrology. Evolutionary Astrology is based on the belief that while we were are given a certain set of energy potentialities as determined by the distribution of planets across the sky at the moment of birth, we are free to exercise the power of free will and choice to determine our fate. While themes or even timing of events in one's life may be evident in a chart, it is in the hands of the individual to consciously evolve... and evolving is exactly the point! Evolutionary Astrology pays particular attention to the past-life karma and entrenched patterns we've "inherited" and shines a light on how to disrupt those patterns through a thoughtful analysis of the South Node (by sign, aspects and astrological house). It's quite amazing what can be unpacked through symbolism of the South Node and can offer so much awareness and compassion for our blindspots or where we're just doing what we know because it's comfortable. Seeing the natal chart in this meaningful context, Evolutionary astrology readings come alive and serve as a vital roadmap for growth and fulfillment. From a more conscious, aware and compassionate space for our history, we are free to make empowering choices and live the "higher expression" gifted in our unique energetic blueprint springing from the beautiful geometry of planets, houses and the way they "speak" to one another. Established in 2011. It all started with those bygone 99-cent "Starscrolls" that I bought faithfully with my best friend every week, hungry for answers about adolescent life-or-death situations like if that Gemini was going to ask me to prom?!? It got more interesting (and more meaningful) when my mom gifted me a personalized birth chart reading with a professional astrologer as a graduation gift from high school. I was floored that these celestial bodies looming in the Milky Way could somehow attune to inner realities that I thought I was pretty good at keeping under wraps - from the sensitivity inherent in my Pisces Moon to my fascination with humor and language, and even my rebellious streak! He recommended the foundational book "The Inner Sky" by the wonderful Evolutionary Astrologer, teacher and author Steven Forrest which gifted me a deep and grounded understanding of the signs, planets and houses and their role in the chart and our lives. And the rest is history!


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