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Specialties: I specialize in predictions. All astrology sites that I'm aware of that even bother with predictions, use transits. They don't work. Seems impossible? It's not. I use my own system based on 20 years experience and some awesome mathematicians/astronomers from, would you believe, 300 B.C? Truthfully, I'm not that smart. But I took their system, secondary progressions, which most astrologers find too difficult to use, and I did the back breaking work of figuring out how to make it accurate -- all the time! Astrology is different than a card reading. In all my years, I do not know of an accurate card reader. It doesn't exist. No one is psychic on demand. It's highly inaccurate. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. But astrology which is more general is accurate. If you're looking for fun, see a tarot reader. If you want to capitalize on your life and make the most of it, come see me. My job is to get your life working at its optimal peak. That's Xtrology! Watch for impersonators online. I have a bunch. Established in 1996. Once a psychic, always a psychic. It's my passion. I learned working on the 1st psychic hotline ever from the best people -- the smartest -- the most accurate -- 25 years ago. I wanted to know why. Why can a life be perfect one minute & then completely tank in seconds? Astrology proves that your life moves in cycles. And there is nothing more important, than knowing ahead of time. Astrology isn't for millionaires, it's for billionaires -- people that want strategy -- it's for thinkers & planners. I completely understand why relationships work & don't work. I've spent my life studying it -- for me & for you. Don't waste your time on someone that isn't the right match. The perfect person is out there. Timing, again, timing. That's where Xtrology comes in. I've done 10,000 charts. I took a theory that didn't completely work. Most astrologers don't use it because it's difficult. I tested and proved it -- in my blog, Xtrology. Check it out. I predict. Others don't. Can't.


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