The Last Quarter Moon is now…

The Moon has long fascinated us, inspiring poets, artists, and even scientists.

Its gentle flow and glow, its waxing and waning, has been the subject of countless, beautiful stories and myths....

Apr 2023

September Week-by-Week

Let this month make a big difference in your life: in the coming 30 days, give up some unhealthy habits. Giving up an old habit is never easy, but if you try to make small changes and keep your goals ...

Jan 2023

200 | Unraveling Karma

After 4 years of The Simple Ayurveda Podcast and over 800K downloads, welcome to Episode 200!! Thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for leaving reviews and supporting the podcast,...

Jul 2022

194 | The Five Elements: EARTH

Join Angela in this solo episode: The Five Elements: EARTH. In this episode, Angela shares insight from the Ayurvedic perspective around the earth element. This is the fifth and final episode of a ser...

May 2022

Seeing Dead Person in Dream Hindu

Are you seeing a dead person in your dream? You are not alone! Many people have experienced this type of dream that may send shivers down the spine. There can be many questions cropping up in your min...

May 2022

That Little Bird

[photo1]'Portrait of a Child With a Bird' By Wybrand de Geest 1610 {{PD}}
What's happening right now, in the lee of this eclipse, an event that carried a big impact, the extent of which we may not ...

May 2022

184 | You are the Gatekeeper

Join Angela in this solo episode: You are the Gatekeeper.
In this episode, Angela shares about how you are the gatekeeper of your home, time, money and energy. Hopefully as you listen, this will be...

Apr 2022