Varicose Veins: Who suffer and why?

Varicose veins: Who suffer and why? It is becoming pandemic as an impact of our occupation and altered lifestyle. Although death due to varicose veins is very minimal but morbidity (illness) c...

Oct 2022

Uranus in Gemini 2025-2033

Uranus in Gemini - What to Expect From 2025
Uranus is associated with revolution, freedom, independence and radical change. I am writing this in 2021 so looking four years into the...

Sep 2021

The Psychic Impact of Globalization

Our psychic energy is a blend of individual spiritual energy bound to a three-dimensional body interacting with other similar beings. In some theories of energy, distance is not relevant, but in our ...

Sep 2020

The Best Career For Your Zodiac Sign

Are you wondering which career is best suited for you? Or, do you want to switch careers? Either way, there is no need to take a test or see a career counselor. The answer is written in the stars. You...

Aug 2020

Astrology Predictions to 2040

Farewell Old-Style Travel, Tourism and Immigration
I'm being asked about COVID-19 and the future, more than any other issue in 2020. That's really no surprise if you look at the thousands of reader...

Jul 2020

The Five Elements: Air

the five elements: air
The second element is vayu, known as air or wind. The other four elements are space, fire, water and earth.

In the human body the air element is the blood circulat...

Aug 2018

North Node and South Node Meanings

Look around your birth chart, if you are a Premium Member, and you will soon see the North Node and South Node. They are always in opposite zodiac signs. The North Node and South Node meanings are alw...

Jan 2018