Ritualizing the Every Day

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung said "Modern man can't find God because he does not look low enough". This is true of so many of us, even those who dedicate time every day to spiritual practice like meditatio...

Apr 2023

The Gaslighting Algorithm

A man put forth the idea the Twitter algorithm is gaslighting people by feeding them content that will trigger them. He's an engineer. He says you can call it "The Gaslighting Algorithm".His claim is...

Apr 2023

Saturn Square Sun Synastry 

Saturn square Sun synastry is an aspect in astrology that can bring challenges and lessons in relationships between two individuals.Squares are not the best aspects to see in a synastry. However, they...

Mar 2023

Why New Moon wishes work…

So we have just had the New Moon which is THE time for manifesting.

The more I do New Moon practices (and I've been doing them for 20+ years now!) the more I am aware that- their greatest gift...

Feb 2023