Mar 2023

Weight loss can be intentional such as from dieting and exercise or unintentional like loss of appetite, malabsorption, Fatigue, Weakness, Bowel obstruction, dental problems and infections. CAC weight gain tablet is a pure herbal and mineral remedy that contains various natural herbs extract that works on digestive system and increases energy level, metabolism, absorption of nutrients.


Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera):

It can be called as king of Ayurvedic herbs. Its root has a horsey smell.It boosts your immune system and relieves stress.It is made from the goodness of ashwagandha also known as indian ginseng.It helps you recover from anxiety and depression, boost your brain. It may also modestly enhance strength performance,Improve glucose metabolism,increase testosterone levels.It is a good antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic ,anti-cancer and anti-stress properties.It also reduce blood sugar levels,Reduce symptoms of depression,boost testosterone and increase fertility in men and increase muscle mass and strength.

Shatavar(Asparagus racemosus):

According to Ayurveda,Shatavar boosts immunity due to its rasayana property and best ayurvedic herbs for weight gain due to its balya property.Toxins build up in the body,disturbs digestion and ypu remain underweight.It is the best preventive herb to improve digestion .It has antioxidants that flush toxins out of body. It prevents your body cells from free radicals.Shtavari is a perfect herb with the anti-anxiety property.shatawar root reduces stress level and keep your nervous system calm and stress free that will lead to gaining weight.

Shuddh shilajit (Asphaltum punjabinum):

It can play a significant role in weight management. It leads to a major improvement in cellular functions,which leads to increased energy levels.One of many herbo mineral formulations used in ayurveda-a healing system that originated thousands of yerars ago in india-shilajit has been used in some traditional herbal medicine to treat wide variety of conditions, ranging from weight loss to impotence.

Bala (Sida cordifolia):

Bala which means strength is a popular herb in Ayurveda. All parts of bala possess various medicinal properties,especially the root. It helps to manage blood glucose levels due to its hypoglycemic property.bala also protects the liver cells against cell damage caused by free radicals due to its antioxidant and hepatoprotective activity.Its antioxidant property also help to protect the heart cells against free radical damage and manages blood pressure by preventing constriction of blood vessels.Bala helps to reduce the symptoms of fatigue due to its balya and tridosha balancing nature.

Kalmegh (Andrographia paniculata):

It is aplant which is also known as "Green Chiretta" and the "King of Bitters". It is used for various medicinal purposes and is bitter in taste. According to Ayurveda, taking Kalmegh churna regularly reduces the Ama and stimulates appetite by improving the digestive fire hence, it is very good for gaining weight. Kalmegh is effective in managing digestive problems like loss of appetite, indigestion. It helps to improve the digestive fire as well as liver functions due to its Ushna (hot) nature.
Kalmegh is good for the skin to manage eczema, boils and skin infections due to its antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Kalmegh is bitter in taste so it is advisable to take it with some sweetener or in diluted form.



Brand name: Oxandrin

Oxandrin is an anabolic steroid and is indicated as adjunctive therapy to promote weight gain they have lost due to certain medical condition such as surgery, chronic infection, trauma, long use of corticosteroid medication such as hydrocortisone and prednisone. It is also used to relieve bone pain due to bone loss. It belongs to a class of drugs known as anabolic steroids. Oxandrolone structural formula is 17?-hydroxy-17?-methyl-2-oxa-5?-androstan-3-one. Inactive ingredients include cornstarch, lactose, and magnesium stearate and hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose.


Allergic reactionSwelling of arms or legs.Voice changesDifficulty in sleepingHeadache




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