How to make up with just about anyone

How to make up with just about anyone
Dec 2021

Is there someone you want to kiss and make up with?
2020 and 2021 have been tough on ourselves and our relationships - we all know that.
Some relationships have gone through the $%^&*!! mill as a result of too much time together or, in some cases, too much time apart!
It's been tough either way.
But guess what. Now is not just the season of goodwill, it's also the season of the once-every-18-months Venus retrograde.
It's the TIME to sort things out with the people who matter most to you.
What does this even mean?
It means thinking about where things have gone wrong for you and someone you love. Asking yourself what part you have played in this.
What's more important? Being right or having a good relationship with this person?
Would backing down be SO hard?
This is not about forgiving someone who has been abusing you. It should almost go without saying that there is no way you want to walk back into something like that.
But if you know you and a friend or a family member have been simply butting heads; if you know that there is a bit of truth on both sides of the argument you're having with someone; and again, if you'd rather have a decent relationship with this person, even more than you care about being right ... it's time to reconnect.
Venus retrograde brings hearts back together.

How to make up with just about anyone
Or at least, it can do.
If you loved and lost and you haven't recovered or lost the feeling, it can be the right time to get back in touch. There are no guarantees but the way is more open than usual.
Sometimes you will bring about a reconciliation and sometimes closure, which is its own blessing.
Sometimes you both agree that what happened wasn't what either of you wanted and you make up.
Friends and family are so dear and the pandemic has stretched many of them to their limit. Venus retrograde will help you to throw a relationship life line across any chasms that have opened up during this time.
It's more important to love than be right, right?
Want to really connect with Venus retrograde and make the most of this rare cycle?
venus-rx" target="_blank" rel="noopener">I have created a free, 3-part mini-course for that.
In it, you'll discover why

How to make up with just about anyone
o Venus retrograde is such an emotional time (and why you're maybe thinking about your ex!)
o What Venus retrograde means for you based on your time, date and place of birth
o Plus I will tell you how to make up with just about anyone!
You'll also receive a free 25-year Venus retrograde guide.
Venus is loving and a retrograde always gives us a second chance, so if you want to get back to love and love again, this is a good time to explore your feelings.
This is a very simply-made course. It was recorded a few years ago in my living room of the time but the teachings in it can be life-changing.
How do I know?
Because of what happened to me as I recorded the full-length course (which you will be offered after doing the free course).
I recorded it and I did the work I was speaking about as I went. I practised what I was preaching with a special relationship in mind. I walked my talk.
And it changed things.
I also know this course can change lives because many, many people have written to me after doing the full course to say they had a similar life-changing experience.
Amazing things happen when you open your heart to love!
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