January Astro: Uranus Direct Disrupting Finance

January Astro: Uranus Direct Disrupting Finance
Jan 2023

Uranus will turn direct in Taurus @ 14 degrees on January 22nd. I think this will be particularly notable.
I say this because looking at aspects for January, Venus and Uranus, alone or in combination, dominate.
Venus in Uranus-ruled Aquarius will be yucking it up with Jupiter, Uranus, Mars, then escaping into Pisces by the end of the month
Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus will station, clashing with Venus for about ten days, mid-month.
No one knows what's going to happen but I can't see January passing quietly into the night.
Love and relationships will be impacted as well. It's just when I think of Taurus - hard currency comes to mind.
What do you make of this? Who do you think comes out on top?