Mars in 7th House: Am I Doomed To Date Forever?

Mars in 7th House: Am I Doomed To Date Forever?

Hi, Elsa.

I just turned thirty-five years old and I have only been in one real relationship. It lasted five years, ended badly and since then every time I meet someone things go well at first. I am always hesitant and once I finally get attached and comfortable, they pull away and end up leaving. The only thing I can think of is my 7th house Aquarius Mars. It's square my Taurus Sun and Mercury and opposite my Leo ascendant.

I'm in the aftermath of a relationship like I mentioned above right now, he's trying to reconcile and I just keep going back and forth. It's like I just cannot be happy. I'm sorry if this was too much I just was curious if you had any insight.

Mars in 7th

No, you are not doomed but I am not at all surprised you're struggling with this. Relationships are a challenge with Mars in the 7th in any sign, never mind Mars in Aquarius with difficult aspects on top of that. I suspect you have a blind spot.

You're talking to Mars in Libra here, similar to Mars in the 7th, so I'm not being insulting when I say that. I understand this. The problem is internal which is good because this means it's within your control.

You're at the age where a person realizes they are the common denominator in all their relationships. The men all leave, but why? This is the piece you need to crack the puzzle.

Satori wrote this:

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I wrote this around the solution for the problem. You can also check the Mars in 7th tag.

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Back to you personally, Taurus likes peace and stability. Mars in Aquarius loves to disrupt. This alone tells you the discordant energy is internal. I'm not saying your partners are great; I have no idea. But the first step towards resolving this is going to be coming to understand how the other person is experiencing you.

Good luck!

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