New Moon In Aquarius: January 21, 2023 – MAXIMUM EFFECT

New Moon In Aquarius: January 21, 2023 – MAXIMUM EFFECT
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Jan 2023

The new moon in Aquarius will take place on in the afternoon on January 21st. The sun and moon will conjunct Pluto as shown below.
On that note alone, we're looking at the potential for explosive change and/or transformation. This would be true for the individual as well as the collective.
The aspects to the planets under this new moon are fine. They're benign, even. But this does not make me think this thing is inert. It's more as if all distractions have been removed from the equation so this thing can go off with maximum effect.
You can see the whole chart here. Note that new moon, the sun and Pluto are connected to Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Aries. That's hot! Big and hot, actually. It looks like a catalyst of some type.
Also note the four bodies in Aquarius which tracks to Uranus in Taurus. I just don't see this thing going off with a whimper. I also don't think much of what happens with be outside a person's control, however you can align with this energy, which is so very potent, a little can go a very long way.
It begs you to trash the old and update and innovate your way of living (Sun). Also, revolutionize how you feel (moon) how you view things (Jupiter), what you want and how you get it (Mars). Don't forget you relationship paradigm (Venus Saturn). I think this month is pivotal and this new moon is key.
We set intentions under new moons. Here are some idea based on the house in your natal chart where the new moon falls:

New Moon In Aquarius: January 21, 2023 – MAXIMUM EFFECT

New Moon in the 1st house - Ditch your old way of presenting yourself. Be brave!
New Moon in the 2nd house - New values and investments; both love and money.
New Moon in the 3rd house - Ideas or conversations that libertate and empower you.
New Moon in the 4th house - Some kind of bomb goes off. Let it heal you (understanding it may be ugly).
New Moon in the 5th house - Creative power and innovation.
New Moon in the 6th house - Heath bomb. Get yourself together regarding your daily routines.
New Moon in the 7th house - Wipe the slate to make way for a new beginning in your relationship sector.
New Moon in the 8th house - Explosive happenings or revelations around your psychology, inheritance; death and pathology themes. Chance to free yourself from this sludge as well.
New Moon in the 9th house - For Godsakes, exit your comfort zone, before you're blown to pieces, sitting there in denial. Open the door, and let the shocking truth come in and transform you.
New Moon the 10th house - Bomb in the workplace. Watch your reputation.
New Moon in the 11th house - Do you really want to wipe out your friends? Risk of sudden amputation here.
New Moon in the 12th house - This position scares me the most. Pay close attention to your dreams and other ethereal sources. Something is trying to break through.
Where does the new moon fall in your chart? How will you channel this energy?