One of the secrets of successful Moon manifesting is…

One of the secrets of successful Moon manifesting is…
Jun 2022

The first time I ever heard of Solfeggio frequencies, I was in LA and having lunch with a wonderful woman called Diana...
You know you have those peak moments in life when you hear something new and all the hairs on the back of your next stand up and you get goose bumps and you KNOW this is super important?
That is exactly how I felt as I asked Diana:
What the heck is a Solfeggio frequency?
In a nutshell, it's super healing music ... but read and to find out why they matter...
So here's the thing...
When you're Moon manifesting, you need to raise your vibration ...
Specifically, you need to raise your vibration to match how amazing you will feel when your dreams come true.
It's basic, crucial and fundamental.
So how are you meant to do this?
There are various ways (keep reading) but I honestly think that you can't go past listening to Solfeggio frequencies, which you can get for free on the internet . They will definitely raise your vibration.
One great thing about this method is it's easy - you don't have to drop everything to do it.

One of the secrets of successful Moon manifesting is…
I put on Solfeggio frequencies when I'm cooking, for example - on the speaker in the kitchen or on my earbuds.
I used to put on the news because (as an ex journalist) I loved the news...
but I realized it lowered my vibration.
I also put them on my ear buds when I am out walking.
If you've never hear about Solfeggio Frequencies, welcome to an amazing musical party.
Even though the science on the effects of the music is still only starting now, early research indicates that - for example - music set to 528 Hz has the ability to heal and repair the body.
174 Hz relieves pain and stress . 285 Hz heals tissues and organs . 396 Hz liberates you from fear and guilt and so on.
All that raises your vibration.
Other ways to raise your vibration include meditation, chanting or listening to chanting, even things like walking in nature will raise your vibration.
It's really important you understand that you need to raise your vibration, so that you are not sitting marinating in upset or dramas or anger ...
... instead you start to see all the good in your life and you start to process negativity.
And that will stand you in amazing stead when you come to make your New Moon wishes.
When you make New Moon wishes from a place of a high vibration, it's easier for you to vibrate at the same level you will be when your wishes come true.
And that is basically the secret of New Moon manifesting.
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One of the secrets of successful Moon manifesting is…
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