Progressed Moon Through the Signs Marks Your Evolution

Progressed Moon Through the Signs Marks Your Evolution
May 2023

Your progressed moon changes signs every 2.5 years. There is distinct shift when this happens.

For example, when my progressed moon was in Aries, I had a boy haircut and I wore men's watches with Batman on them and stuff! That's my watch, pictured!

When my progressed moon changed to Taurus, I became interested in art. I also started dressing as if I were part of the landscape of a painting!

When my progressed moon was in Scorpio, it was conjunct Mars. I felt pushy and confrontational! I obsessed.

My progressed moon is currently in Sagittarius, but only for another month! I've had a lot of fun, expanding the range of people I interact with. I've read so much content created by zoomers, while I don't speak "emoji", I've learned to read it. I have treated myself to their perspective, basically.

Here is a short treatment of the Progressed Moon through each of the signs. You can see how there's a thread that ties them together...

Progressed Moon in Aries

The focus at this phase of life is on outward-oriented energy and action. We look for direct confrontations, challenges, and stimulation during this period of our lives. We have newfound courage. We focus on new beginnings, fresh starts, and new projects, because we now feel motivated in these directions.

Progressed Moon in Taurus

While in Aries, we welcomed change and action. When the Progressed Moon changes signs to Taurus, we slow down and seek out some security in our lives. This marks a less impatient and competitive period of our lives. We don't look for new experiences as much as we manage our lives in a more solid, secure manner. We value predictability during this period.

Progressed Moon in Gemini

While in Taurus, we don't feel much need for learning new things. When the Progressed Moon shifts signs to Gemini, however, curiosity is ignited. We need to communicate with others, we need doors to open for us, we explore our little worlds and reach out to others. New friendships are often made during this markedly more sociable and busy period in our lives.

Progressed Moon in Cancer

This marks a time when we need the comforts of a home base. While the Progressed Moon moves through Cancer, we turn inward and focus on building or solidifying our home base and our families. We have a greater need for security and the feeling of being safe and comfortable during this period. This is a time for building your sense of security.

Progressed Moon in Leo

From the security and safety of the Progressed Moon in Cancer phase comes a desire for self-expression. Energies are directed outwards as we feel more confident moving about in the world, and we have a greater need to be heard, seen, and noticed. An increased desire to create, and to display our talents is often experienced during this phase.

Progressed Moon in Virgo

After a somewhat naive and playful period while the Progressed Moon moved through Leo, this phase indicates a need and/or desire to perfect our craft. This is a time of dedication to work, health, and routine. This is a more introverted period in your life when you might have your "nose to the grindstone", so to speak.

Progressed Moon in Libra

The focus turns outward again as the Progressed Moon moves from the introverted Virgo to sociable Libra. An increased need to be with people, to socialize, and to compromise are featured during this period of life. More attention to physical appearance and attractiveness, as well as graciousness, is often prominent.

Progressed Moon in Scorpio

There can be a hunger now for deeper experiences and more powerful bonds. Emotional commitments come into focus. While the Progressed Moon was in Libra, harmony was most important to you. At this time, however, harmony might take a back seat as you feel the need for something more powerful and significant in your life.

Progressed Moon in Sagittarius

Freedom on all levels is the focus while the Progressed Moon is in Sagittarius -- not only physical freedom of movement and expression, but mental and spiritual freedom as well. The emotional need during this period of your life is for expansion and growth. You do not want to be limited by boundaries or barriers. This is a more gregarious position of the Progressed Moon. Independence, new experiences, and intellectual growth are the focus.

Progressed Moon in Capricorn

The Progressed Moon in Capricorn shifts the attention to approval and recognition. The focus is on establishing some sort of order and control in your life. A stronger need for recognition and for concrete success is typical of this Progressed Moon phase.

Progressed Moon in Aquarius

This is a more sociable and gregarious position of the Progressed Moon. Stronger social awareness and a desire to belong to a group is present at this period in your life, although sometimes it's more about expressing your own individuality and breaking the rules. Networking is the keyword for this period.

Progressed Moon in Pisces

Heightened sensitivity and an emotional need to connect with your inner world is dominant during this period. This is often a more introverted period in your life when the focus is on your dreams and longings, personal creativity, and sensitivity.

These mini- interpretations come from the progressed chart report. For a full interpretation of your progressed Moon as well as the rest of your progressed chart, check it out. You will not be disappointed!

Where is your Progressed Moon?

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