Saturn Square Uranus: A Stressful Clash

Saturn Square Uranus: A Stressful Clash
Saturn, Uranus
Dec 2021

Saturn Aquarius square Uranus Taurus
- December 24, 2021 (07:17 GMT)
During this Christmas week, there is the third clash of the mighty planets, Saturn & Uranus. This has been the defining aspect of 2021.
These two important planets are complete opposites - Saturn represents tradition, rules & regulations, authority and control. Whereas Uranus represents rebellion & change, protest & freedom. It's a classic case of the old v. the new and Saturn-Uranus clashes often dominate during times of major social reform.
Here are the dates & degrees of all three Saturn-Uranus squares in 2021 - if you have planets/angles within 2 degrees of any of the four fixed star signs - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius - you'll be feeling this tension and conflict between opposing forces. For everyone, it's worth noting in which houses of the horoscope these two mighty giants fall (see list below).
Saturn 7 Aquarius square Uranus 7 Taurus - February 17, 2021
Saturn 13 Aquarius square Uranus 13 Taurus - June 14, 2021
Saturn 11 Aquarius square Uranus 11 Taurus - December 24, 2021
It's probably worth pointing out that this clash isn't restricted to 2021 either. These two planets were square to one another in the same star signs from March 22, 2020 to June 15, 2020 and we know what was happening back then.
They will remain in square aspect throughout most of 2022 and closest in October 2022 even if their square aspect doesn't perfect. Only at the end of next year, do they draw apart.
Square Aspects
Square aspects create dynamic tension and it depends which planet dominates how it plays out in your life. When Saturn's stronger, there's a fear of change and rules must be respected. When Uranus is stronger, there's an urge to rebel, break the rules and challenge the status quo.
Either way, it can be a stressful place to be and inevitably triggers fear & uncertainty. Ideally, you want to find a way to bring both sides of the square aspect together. Yet, this isn't straightforward by any means.
Saturn in Aquarius doesn't want to be part of the group but tells you how to live your life. Uranus in Taurus is a change advocate but refuses to join in to do what's best for the whole. You can see the dilemma.
Change is rarely easy if it means letting go of the life we have grown used to. Change becomes even more of a challenge when different factions of society have opposing viewpoints. Lockdown or no lockdown? Vaccinations or vaccine free? Follow the science or do what's right for the economy?
How It's Playing Out
Saturn in Aquarius has coincided with many restrictions on what society can and can't do. This can be seen as the people at the top telling the rest of society what's what and the rules that must be obeyed. One rule for them, one rule for the rest of us.
We often think of Aquarius as the sign of the freedom-loving hippy, eccentric, new age and caring for the greater good. Yet, it is a fixed air sign so there's a dogmatic side to Aquarius especially around opinions and beliefs - 'I'm right, you're wrong'.
Therefore the square from Saturn to Uranus is straightaway both exciting and confrontative. Uranus is co-ruler of Aquarius - so perhaps you could say that Saturn in Aquarius is the keeper of the rules, the scientist, the technology whizz, the side of Aquarius that loves order and systems. Whereas Uranus is the rebel, the non-conformist, the spanner in the wheel, the freedom-lover, the antagonist.
This square aspect on a collective level is about the wider changes within our society that took place on the back of two epic conjunctions - Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn on January 12, 2020 and Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius on December 21, 2020.
Astrologers talked about the Saturn/Pluto conjunction representing the Great Reset and that has been evident over the last two years. Saturn wants to conform and follow the rules; Uranus breaks the rules and is a rebel. We are living through a major transitional time of change in our world and things aren't the same as they were two years ago.
You can see the clash between different sides of society and the swift changes that are taking place around technology and data, science and medicine, also money and crypto-currencies.
Uranus' move into Taurus in 2018 has already revolutionised the money world. We're becoming a cashless society and Uranus in Taurus wants everything to go digital.
Yet, the stronger of the two planets is Saturn in Aquarius in its sign of rulership. Up against the restrictions of the virus, it's easy to feel powerless, out of control, frustrated and held back.
Venus/Pluto Conjunction
The day after the Saturn-Uranus square, there's a second Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on December 25th - the first took place on December 11th as Venus is now retrograde, i.e. in retreat. This is powerful astrology to be taking place during what should be a joyful time of year.
Many people are having to deal with limitation, frustration or ill health. Here in England, most people probably know someone who's having to isolate or spend Christmas Day alone.
Venus is Goddess of love but also represents what you love, what gives you pleasure and joy. Pluto negates what it touches and you can see this planetary aspect is another stress situation. It's tough astrology.
It's easy to feel powerless and not know what you can do in the face of such big world events. It may take time for things to settle but know that Venus is already on her journey into the underworld, Pluto's domain.
Forty days and forty nights Venus dives deep to be reborn, to transform herself. She turned retrograde on December 19th and the turning point is often when the Sun & Venus align - this time around, January 8th is the date to note. Venus then gathers strength and emerges once again as a morning star. Her retrograde phase finishes on January 29th.
Whatever your situation, gather support around you and do what you can to dig deep to find your inner emotional strength. There may be no easy solutions right now and you may not be able to fix what's wrong. You may feel as if your power has been taken away from you. It may take you a while to rediscover your potency, your courage or even a sense that you're heading in the right direction and that the light will return.
Yet, that's the theme of the Solstice which took place a few days before this big astrology kicked in. Use the knowledge of these planetary themes to help you see the bigger picture, to gain more insight or understanding, a different perspective of what's currently taking place in our world.
Trust Venus' journey into the underworld and the power of the feminine to restore order as she emerges back into the light.
On A Personal Level
On a personal level, consider where you're being delayed, held back or feel frustrated in your life. Where you're sticking to the rules too - all Saturn themes. Then, look at how this makes you feel, what you're willing to risk, how and where you can break through or break free - all Uranus themes.
Also, you may encounter either the Saturn or Uranus archetype in another person and there's your conflict.
At the very least, use this powerful astrology to take a closer look at your opinions, your points of view and reassess where you stand or what you're standing for and whether that requires any adjustment. Here's a quick guide - read both your Sun & Ascendant sign.
Aries - Friends/groups v. Money/values
Taurus - Career/reputation v. Personal goals/identity
Gemini - Freedom/education v. Inner transformation
Cancer - Joint finances/taboos v. Friends/groups
Leo - Relationships/contracts v. Career/reputation
Virgo - Work/health v. Freedom/education
Libra - Creativity/children v. Joint finances/taboos
Scorpio - Home/family v. Relationships/contracts
Sagittarius - Communication/community v. Work/health
Capricorn - Money/values v. Creativity/children
Aquarius - Personal goals/identity v. Home/family
Pisces - Inner transformation v. Communication/community
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