Gemini Gifts for Women Zodiac Crystals and Healing Stones Set, 14pcs Birthstone Gemstones Charms for Girls, Real Zodiac Signs Crystals Set for Spiritual Astrology Decor Horoscope Birthday Gift Kit



14 in 1 Gemini Zodiac Healing Crystals Set: Contains 6 kinds of large raw birthstone crystals for beginners (Larger & heavier size for more energy), also including amethyst cluster, black tourmaline, selenite crystal slabs; Exclusive Gemini zodiac necklace, agate stone amulet chakra bracelet, zodiac charms bookmarks, zodiac greeting card and user guide. This zodiac healing stones set is the perfect one to kick off Gemini crystals journey or to add to your crystal display collection. Unique Gemini Gifts for Women: Specially selected natural protection crystals for Gemini include Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Tiger's Eye, Red Jasper, Clear Quartz, Howlite, Amethyst Cluster, Black Tourmaline and Selenite Crystal Slabs, as well as Gemini necklace & chakra bracelet. These companion stone crystal set bring pleasure, wealth and resonance to Gemini. Gemini will love receiving this deluxe and particular Gemini crystal set for their birthday. Gemini Crystal Set to Improve Your Destiny: Gemstones and crystals are linked to specific zodiac signs because their energies resonated. They have been used for millennia for luck, abundance, protection and wisdom. Wearing the resonate crystals assigned to your signs brings good luck and is a zodiac charm that carries protective powers. Multi Purposes of stones and crystals Box Set: Carry them with you, sleep with them nearby, meditate with them. Crystal collection, crystal decor, zodiac crystal charms, spiritual decor, Astrology room decor, energy healing, Yoga, reiki, chakra crystals, Cleansing you and your spaces energy, witchcraft supplies, metaphysical supplies. Solid & Excellent Horoscope Crystal Starter Kit: Separate design gives better protection to the zodiac constellation stone. The exquisite crystal box and attachment products have a unique Gemini zodiac sign icon design. The zodiac crystal kit user guide elaborated these Gemini crystal stones and the benefits of each crystal, and it will also help you with how to use, clean & charge your crystals. Great starter pack of crystals for zodiac and crystal lovers.


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