MAMA WUNDERBAR Libra Zodiac Candle, Gifts for Women, Coconut Candle, Birthdate Candles, Zodiac Gifts for Women, Zodiac Sign Gifts, Astrology Gifts, Crystal Candle, Horoscope Gifts (Libra)



Handmade with good vibes. For a special Libras ♎- Libras are very loving and compassionate, caring wholly and deeply for those around them. They have a strong intellect with an enthusiastic mind. They can fit in any place, with anyone. Libras are extremely agreeable and honest people. Generous △ Sensitive △ intuitive Symbol: Scales of justice△Element: Air△Ruling planet: Venus This? crystal candle ?️ is handmade and also filled with aromatherapy. Crystal infused with Amethyst. Every candle is handmade and beautified with flowers and herbs to make this a very special gift. The label includes all facts about your Libra. A birthday candle that shows how special your Libra is. Each Zodiac Candle comes with a special Affirmation. The Libra Affirmation is "My internal beauty radiates outwards". The perfect spiritual decor and unique gift for women. Healing Crystals make this candle extra special. Packed in a white gift box with Libra Sticker. › See more product details


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