Sun Pluto Conjunction vs Mars Pluto Conjunction

Sun Pluto Conjunction vs Mars Pluto Conjunction
Oct 2022

"Can you please explain the difference between Pluto conjunct sun and Pluto conjunct mars in the natal chart?"
If Pluto is conjunct a personal planet in your natal chart, you're doing to have some intensity about you. This is what these two positions have in common.
Outside of that, the personal planet involved tells the rest of the story, along with the house placement of the conjunction and the aspects involved.
Isolating just the energy of these conjunctions, Sun Pluto is about the ego, the vocation, and the character and creativity of the person. These Sun-ruled functions will be affected by Pluto.
A person may be empowered or overpowering. Your ego may be harmed or even devastated by abuse of power but there is also a regenerative ability with this combination. Dead, then back from the ashes, basically. What I can "hard to kill". Their life will be imbued by Pluto. Passionate and probably melodramatic.
In contrast, Mars conjunct Pluto is concerned with what a person wants. Again, there are a lot of possibilities. Over the course of your lifetime, you will probably experience or encounter most if not all of these things over and over, if not in yourself than in the other:
Wanting power
Coiled-up serpent power
Willing things into being
Focused effort
Destructive anger
Profound effectiveness
Driven by your subconscious
Able to sense danger and nefarious motive
Do you have one of these conjunctions? How's it play?