Weekend Love Forecast – Yin-Water Rabbit, New Moon In Aquarius

Weekend Love Forecast – Yin-Water Rabbit, New Moon In Aquarius
Jan 2023

Friday night, the Capricorn Moon sextiles Vesta and Neptune in Pisces with Aquarius Venus exactly on the midpoint. Venus moves into conjunction with Saturn, exact on Sunday. While magical, this is not a dream big moment. It's a believe in getting what you need moment.
"The sky's the limit!" yearning is caught up in fantasy. This weekend, we don't want or need any extra. We're after what we deserve, what will satisfy, and we want what we want: no extra. Realistic desires can be sated as what we want is targeted, precious, and meaningful.
Friday night, Mercury in Capricorn makes another quincunx to Gemini Mars, this time with both planets direct. Things make sense if you do the work to put it all together. Not only do they make sense, they're actionable. Attitudes and perspectives combine with facts and communication to prime the pump that gets everything moving on multiple levels.
There are invisible and tangible reasons to believe you'll "get there" so feel free to consider how to make that happen. Lightly, take it lightly. Softly, in the flow.
Saturday afternoon, the Moon moves to Aquarius and into conjunction with the Sun: the Aquarius new moon. This Chinese New Year new moon is a rabbit year. This year, that rabbit is in a yin, water element year. Last year was a tiger year of yang water. Yin and yang alternate, and the element years come in pairs. So this year's rabbit is the bookend to last year's tiger.
Rabbits are lucky. They're gentle and patient. And prolific! As we start this new moon / new year, the Sun and Moon head into sextile with Jupiter and trine with Mars as Venus closes in on its conjunction to Saturn. We pick up the fuel and enthusiasm we need to go forward and the means to pay for it - the means that we've earned. Aquarius Venus resources may be somewhat limited by Saturn, but they're matched by intangible gains of immeasurable value.
Saturday night, the mood is jubilant and the drive to move and socialize makes us antsy in a good way. Ants in your pants! Do the dance!
Sunday morning the Aquarius Moon sextiles Chiron in Aries. It goes on to square Uranus in Taurus as Venus perfects its Saturn kiss. We "get over it", surprised by pleasure. Experimentation leads to improvement. They're not mistakes, they're experiments. This year we put it all together.
The new moon takes place at 1 degree Aquarius on Saturday. Where are you getting a fresh boost for the rockets in your life? Don't worry if you're not yet feeling it. Venus-Saturn can be a bit of a wet rag in the dark of the Moon. Surprises can be good. Do you have any weekend plans?