Jan 2023


This week is energetically intense and frenetic. Venus in Aquarius squares the Nodes of Destiny on January 11 and Uranus retrograde in Taurus on January 14, urging us to make decisions about relationships and the type of energy we want in our lives. Those that survive will thrive in the years ahead. Mars ends its retrograde journey on January 12 in Gemini, finishing up the story that began when the action planet first started moonwalking on October 30. We will be able to feel freer and make decisions that we intend to stick to. The Capricorn Sun connects with Neptune in Pisces on January 13, making us all exhausted and paranoid. The same day, Mercury retrograde in Capricorn connects with the Nodes of Destiny, bringing important people and themes from the past back into our lives. January 14's Last Quarter Moon in Libra helps us to find solutions and mend fences.

Witch tip:
Due to the current cosmic climate, it's quite possible that there are a few bumps in the road this week when it comes to romance and love. Light a pink candle surrounded by rose petals on your altar during January 14's Last Quarter Moon to help lighten the energy and to bring you back together with the one you love. Write a letter of intent stating your desires, while offering Venus (the Goddess of love) champagne, sweets, and jewelry. Evoke her energy to reignite the love in your life.

Although you don't play the submissive in relationships, you want to take the passive role at the moment and avoid any responsibility as you sort through your emotions. Words of sauce: Go with the flow of how you feel in the moment instead of taking a specific stance right now.

This week s bringing the heat to your relationships -- even though it's cold outside. There is no better way to feel the sizzling vibe inside than to cozy up to new and novel ways in which you'll be exploring your emotions and experimenting with unique ways of expressing yourself.

Living it up in the fast lane with your airy demeanor means that you can assess the true intentions of others quickly and understand what their intentions are without thinking too hard about it. Before you know it, you'll have a new perspective and only let the "right" people in.

Your desires will begin to consume your every thought. Prepare yourself to fall deep in the rabbit hole of your passions or to manifest feelings for the person you're spending time with. If you're in a commitment, the relationship could intensify. You'll have to ride the waves of every emotion.

You need to create boundaries with friends and family this week to ensure that neither of you oversteps in the relationship. In order to keep the dynamic afloat, you'll have to maintain balance within the partnership and stay in your lane, which means keeping your unsolicited opinions to a minimum.

Taking a walk on the wild side of your desires may not be something new to you -- but it'll definitely allow you to feel confident and ready to embrace your greatness in the upcoming week. This will be important towards elevating your self-esteem and being empowered at the moment.

This week's cosmic energies won't lead you on an adventure out of town, but urges you to spend more time at home. If you feel like exploring the local environment, consider spending some time familiarizing yourself with the environment and people that surround you everyday by connecting to the community.

Embrace your innermost fantasies this week and don't be shy in letting them be known. Just when you think you're about to lustfully explode, Venus's entrance into the pleasure center of your chart fires up your erogenous zones and senses. Enjoy the week of hedonism, and remember to play carefully.

No one knows more than you that the right cutting words can hurt. Taking the high road and not going for the jugular when irked is the best way to haggle such drama when it occurs. Don't add fuel to the fire. Be calm and chill in your approach to situations.

Your personal views are going through a complete overhaul, which means that you are growing at this moment jn time that will help you find your emotional center and be at peace within yourself. This will also strengthen your demeanor and motivation to succeed in all you do.

The week ahead is a great time to express your sentiments and even plan a magical rendezvous with a loved one. This will wind up leading you toward an exciting journey filled with passionate and romantic encounters. It will be a blast as long as you're honest about your feelings.

This week asks you to embrace your artistic nature. The caveat is that you may not feel ready to accept such a high honor or work on this amazing project. Give yourself an emotional break and a hug. Find inspiration within yourself and embrace this moment.